Recidivism: Matt Ball

» August 13th, 2015

“Turning to recidivism, the data show that people who go veg for health reasons are the ones who go back to eating meat.”

Matt Ball’s speech at the National Animal Rights conference:

Welcome and thanks for coming.

If I say anything that seems like a criticism or judgment, it isn’t meant that way. I’ve made many mistakes in my life – mistakes that have actively hurt our efforts on behalf of animals. We are all fortunate there has been so much research of late that can guide our efforts to help animals as much as possible.

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3 Responses to Recidivism: Matt Ball

  1. soren impey says:

    Again, if we only care about the purity of those who call themselves vegan, then the fact that we’re driving people away is irrelevant. But if we actually want to reduce cruelty, we should do everything possible to both embrace and encourage everyone…instead of reinforcing people’s stereotypes and trying to build the smallest, angriest, most exclusive club in the world.

    The exclusion and/or ostracization of near vegans, veganish people, and ethical flexitarians by the vegan community is insane and harmful to the cause of animal rights.

    Reform veganism!

  2. TYR says:

    Eat more “beef” to save more chickens and “reduce harm”? I thought “rights” meant we reject using animals. Period. I thought “rights” meant we promote the solution to ending the property status of animals and that means promoting veganism? But no, eating more “beef” is now seen as the solution because no large animal org is able to promote clear consistent ethical veganism because that challenges their nonvegan donor base. It’s all about fundraising. What a sad state of affairs and what a ridiculous argument. All large animal orgs are moving more and move toward being the anti-vegan movement. They don’t even pretend to care any more about the solution to ending animal use — veganism. Just more reason to join the abolitionist grassroots vegan movement.

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