The Rabbit Hole of “Humane” Deception

» May 22nd, 2015

“We had no idea that we were going to see what we saw.” These are never words you want to hear about a slaughterhouse. But they’re exactly what Adam Wilson, the director of investigations at Last Chance for Animals, a Los Angeles-based animal advocacy group, said about his organization’s recent investigation of Pel-Freez, the nation’s largest rabbit processing plant, located in Rogers, Arkansas.

The details, obtained by an undercover agent who worked at Pel-Freez as a “blood catcher” for six weeks last fall, are, even by abattoir standards, morbid. Slaughterhouse workers were filmed improperly stunning rabbits by whacking them in the face with the dull side of a knife (electrical stunning is the norm); they broke the legs of conscious rabbits to better fit them onto J-hooks designed for poultry; they decapitated fully conscious rabbits; and they ignored grievous rabbit injuries. Wilson noted how, in one instance, a worker encountered an abscessed wound on a rabbit so filled with pus that he wretched.

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3 Responses to The Rabbit Hole of “Humane” Deception

  1. Mary Finelli says:

    The vast majority of animals who are slaughtered for food in the U.S. are also not covered by the so-called Humane Slaughter Act: fish and birds (along with animals killed by religious slaughter).

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a comment option on the Pacific Standard site.

    • Rose Moore says:

      Disgusting how humans behave. Who is devouring all this rabbit meat ? Is there anything that walks, crawls, slithers, swims or flies that is not consumed by homo sapiens !
      Industrial animal raising along with industrial slaughter has taken abhorrent cruelty to a new level. And with the so called Ag-Gag laws been enacted state by state the criminal cruelty will be protected and those who blow the whistle will be in danger of prosecution !

  2. Jim wiltsch says:

    Excellent post.. Very informative (and sad). Thanks James.

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