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» April 14th, 2015

My son, 13, has started a small business selling some of the photos he’s taken. He decided to do this after having unexpected success selling prints at an Austin arts fair. Feel free to check out his website and share it with others who might be interested. Most importantly, enjoy.!/index



7 Responses to Nature/Animal Photos

  1. Teresa Wagner says:

    His work is brilliant and beautiful! Will share.

  2. Mary Finelli says:

    They’re very good, he has true talent.

  3. Joan Bollaert says:

    Wonderful! Will share and no doubt, make a purchase. :)

  4. True talent, you must be very proud :)

  5. Ingrid says:

    Owen is already showing a distinct voice in his images. I especially like that he went eye level and low with some of his subjects — it brings you into the frame. :)

  6. Layne says:

    These are enchanting. I hope to get some.

    I especially like the chickens. They are beautiful, and remind me of my own pet hens.


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