Choosing The Animal You Will Watch Be Killed

» August 19th, 2014

There’s something about eating animals that we raise for food—perhaps the intuitive sense that we know it’s wrong to raise them for food—that leads meat eaters to engage in some far-fetched and ill-advised stunts. The most recent example involves a municipal proposal in Omaha, Nebraska that will allow consumers to walk into a feedlot, choose the animal they will see die, and witness the beast’s slaughter before eating the tortured creature’s flesh. The program is called “open meat market.”

There are several possible ways to interpret this proposal, which now sits before Omaha’s city council. One: it’s barbaric, doing little more than indulging our basest tendency to get off on absolute dominance over another sentient animal’s body. Two: it’s honest, bringing the carnivorous consumer closer to the bone of violence endemic to all animal products. Three: it’s logical, merely an extension of choosing our fish from a Chinese restaurant tank. Four: it’s a cheap shot, yet another slow food exhibitionist gambit engineered to nurture a blood-stained sense of “community.” I could go on.

Whatever the reason, none of them could possibly justify this flagrant, municipally sponsored, act of stupidity. Oppose it here. And take perverse solace in these sort of events as they emerge. To  me, it means advocates of raising and killing animals are running scared, struggling to make what we’re increasingly realizing is sick seem normal, worthy of being treated like a game.

Like all games, this will end. It must.

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  1. John Maher says:

    Perhaps the victims may be chosen over the internet with a Nintendo game boy device and points awarded to the punter with the most video kills.

  2. Tina Eden says:

    Thank you for the link to the petition. One can only hope that the deaths of these animals will serve the purpose of exposing the wrongness in killing needlessly.

  3. Mountain says:

    “One: it’s barbaric”

    No need to slur barbarians by comparing them to this proposal. No barbarian I ever heard of put animals in a feedlot. That’s a specialty of “civilization.”

    And while many barbarians throughout history have chosen the animal they were going to eat, and watched its slaughter (often because they were the one doing the slaughtering), I don’t think barbarians ever treated the process as a source of entertainment.

    • Tina Eden says:

      Right. If one considers barbarians to be people who lead a subsistence lifestyle, unable to harvest, transport and store protein rich foods from non-animal sources, we shouldn’t refer to those in Nebraska as barbarians.

      Those participating in the open-meat market in Nebraska are suffering from delusional, psychotic behavior. They are beneath barbarians who have/had to kill animals to survive.

      I’ve been through Nebraska and its highways are in excellent condition. Protein rich, non-animal sources of food are readily available to the residents of this state. Hopefully the day will come when they will utilize those roads and their vast land to grow food for themselves and others, and let the animals live out their lives.

  4. Karen Harris says:

    Thank you for the link to the petition.
    To me, the interpretation that runs the truest is that this is about voyeurism, sadism, and power tripping run amok. I do sometimes fantasize that one of the high profile figures who have set this craze in motion (for example, Michael Pollan) will have a change of heart and become a spokesperson for veganism. I wonder how those who created and promulgated the “humane meat” myth live with the unintended consequences.

  5. Cindy Koczy says:

    I signed the petition.Thank You James.
    Just as worse and sickening is Hoofin It, this weekend in Denver, CO.It’s 4 days of meat eating sponsored by HSUS.Attendees will dine on bison,pig,cow,lamb.
    Shame on them!!!Fooling people into thinking that eating animals raised with” higher standards”(what hsus calls respectful) makes it OK.
    This is sickening to say the least!
    If any of ya’all live in Denver, go help Peaceful Prairie hold a vigil for the victims of “humane farmimg.”

    • Rebecca Allen says:

      Thank you Cindy for bringing up the event in Denver. Breaks my heart. I looked it up “Hoofin It” is terrible. I read James’ article about it. It seems crazy the HSUS is involved.

  6. Linda Mathews says:

    Thank you. I just signed the petition and strongly oppose
    this heinous proposal. I can’t put into words how offensive, cruel and uncivilized this is. Who could possibly want to watch an innocent creature being slaughtered. In my opinion, only someone without a heart and without a soul.

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