The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

» May 11th, 2014

For most readers of this blog, Colleen Patrick Goudreau needs no introduction. Her work as a vegan author and speaker has transformed the lives of countless humans, not to mention the animals they have chosen to not eat.  Colleen’s edition of the 30-Day Vegan Challenge sold over 20,000 copies, one of which sits on the shelf in my non-vegan but vegan-sympathizing mother’s kitchen. That says something.

It’s now time for an updated edition. To that end Colleen is seeking support here. Even if your donation is a small one, it counts a great deal. Colleen is doing as much to help raise awareness about animal abuse—and in a pragmatic and deeply empathetic way—as anyone out there. When I spent time with her at the Texas Veg festival last year, I marveled at the overflow of thanks total strangers offered her. It was really remarkable.

So I hope you’ll consider supporting this worthy cause, one that keeps getting stronger because of people such as Colleen. Thanks.

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  1. Laura says:

    Colleen is a great lady, thanks for recognizing that. Here’s her piece on The Great Soy Scare (as I call it) for anyone interested:

  2. I Love Colleen! Her podcasts are great too. I came to a vegan diet from the nutrition standpoint, but listening to her speak makes me feel even stronger about my position. Save the animals, and save yourself in the process.

  3. Bea Elliott says:

    Thank you for bringing Colleen’s efforts into the limelight. A true visionary! A gem in the vegan community. Shine on Ms. Goudreau! <3

  4. Mountain says:

    What would Colleen Patrick-Goudreau do?

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