The World’s Unlikeliest Vegan

» April 8th, 2014

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Rarely do I use the Pitchfork for promotional purposes, but this instance is different. My friend and unlikely vegan activist Big Bald Mike is writing one of the most honest and hard hitting vegan conversion narratives that I’ve ever read. The honestly and rawness of BBM’s story instills it with rare authenticity. Moved as I was by it, I offered to edit it. As Mike notes in his video below, he’s seeking time to write—he’s very short on cash—so that this book can find a publisher and reach an audience that very few of us could ever reach. Mike is a powerful, sincere, and rare voice for animals. He is the kindest of souls. Please, even if it’s only a $5 donation, consider helping fund his effort. Learn more  here.




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  1. Bett says:

    I see no video.

  2. James says:

    Click the last word “here.”

  3. KMR says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I contributed because of your endorsement.

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