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» January 25th, 2013

Several items to announce and note.

First, check out this interview I did this week with Victoria Moran. As you likely know, Victoria is a long time vegan advocate and the author, most recently, of Vegan Main Street. I was really pleased with the questions Victoria asked, the range of the discussion, and, most notably, how I was never rushed. Lots of time to talk. See what you think if you have time.

Second, you might find this  response of sorts to my recent Onion post interesting. It’s from Rhys Southan, with whom I rarely fully agree but always find very smart and thoughtful. The exchange was  picked up by Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Beast, which is cool.

Finally, more than kind of cool is an opportunity I have to go on a speaking tour next academic year. Between September 2013 and September 2014 I hope to visit between 40-50 colleges and universities. These will be fully funded and promoted visits. All a potential sponsor need do is find space and a time for me to talk. My talk is called “Veganism for Omnivores.” If you or anyone you know might be interested in scheduling a talk, please e-mail me at More to come on this soon. 

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